The TEK Center

Due to COVID-19 we have permanently closed our doors.


A safe, caring place for parents to send their kids after school to learn technology, coding, and design.


We offer a unique program with different styles of learning so your child can learn their best!  Choose from a self paced setting (TEK Scouts) with expert staff available for help when needed or a project based classroom/group setting. Mix and match classes, TEK Scouts, and aftercare all in one place to customize a learning and care plan to perfectly meet your needs!  Click below to learn more about each one. 

 Self-paced, Badge-based, STEM Learning for 2nd-6th Graders


Summer, Holiday Break and Full Day Tech Camps

Classes in Programming, Robotics Design and Minecraft

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Second Place 🥈

Third Place 🥉

Aftercare at the TEK CENTER
TEK Aftercare is a place where your kid will be heard, taught new things, given freedom to create, run, play games, get their homework done and more!

How Does Payment Work?

Kids are clocked in to the TEK Aftercare as soon as they are in our care and when they leave. When a kid takes part in TEK Scouts, the time is recorded.

Hourly Payment:

Hourly payments are so easy at The TEK Center! We record your times, show it in your account and automatically deduct the amount from your account every 2 weeks! In addition we provide free busing and only have a 2 hour minimum stay! (See the FAQ at the bottom of the page for full pricing.)

Monthly Unlimited Package:

A monthly pack is an excellent deal if you plan on coming often! We have two awesome plans:

Unlimited Aftercare Package ($250), which gives you unlimited aftercare and decreases TEK Scouts to $9.00/hr

Unlimited Everything Package ($400), which gives you as much Aftercare and TEK Scout hours as your student can use as well as daily Minecraft club.

It's Seriously Fun

Kids have a blast at The TEK Center! If your kid likes to build or stay active or loves to learn then you’ll find what you want here. What could be better than building things, feeling proud of yourself, fun group games, caring instructors, and finishing projects?

High Level Learning

You won’t find this level of learning anywhere else! We challenge kids to learn college level content and help them be successful! We designed our curriculum for students to work at their own pace to understand the concepts and develop skills.

Great Location

The TEK center is near I-5 and I-205. It's a minute or two from the highway and an easy  pull through parking lot. No more traffic congestion and rooms that are impossible to find in schools. Just check in at the front and you are good to go.

Safety First

Your kid's safety is so important to us that we keep a low teacher to student ratio of at least 1:10. Our Lead instructors are First-Aid/CPR certified and all staff are finger printed and background checked to ensure your kids are in safe hands!

The TEK Center Facility


We offer shuttle pick-up from the following schools:


River Grove Elementary

Lake Grove Elementary

 Uplands Elementary

Westridge Elementary

Durham Elementary

What our customers say

TEK, Thank you so much for making the experience of building our robots much more fun!"
- TEK Student
TEK, Thank you for the most fun days ever. You helped me a lot to learn more about technology.
- TEK Student
Both my son and daughter learned so much at TEK camps and had a blast! There is something for every type of kid at TEK, can't recommend it enough!
- TEK Student Parent


Yes! Check with us about specific days and times for your school.


TEK Aftercare: $7/hr

TEK Scouts: Aftercare + $9/hr


Unlimited Plans:

Unlimited TEK Aftercare: $250/month

Unlimited TEK Scouts, TEK Aftercare, & Minecraft Club: $400/month


Classes & Clubs:

Minecraft Club: Aftercare + $5

Minecraft Tournament: $15/tournament

Robotics, Programming, Minecraft, & Design Classes: Please see current schedule

Yes, we have space for them to eat snacks, play ping-pong or Foosball, or just run around. They can also sit on the couch and read a book for a few minutes. If your student is prone to taking too many breaks, please communicate this with their teacher and we’ll make sure they stay challenged.

For after school programs, The TEK Center is open from 3:00 PM – 5:50 PM (flexible pick-up until 6:00 PM). You’re welcome to pick up your student any time during those hours, however there is a two hour minimum charge ($14) per visit for each student.

Yes. All of our after school programs end at or before 5:50 PM. There is a flexible pick-up window until 6:00 PM. Pick-up from 6:01 PM – 6:15 PM will incur a $15 late fee. Anything after 6:15 PM is $1 per minute.



Day camps & Summer camps:

Any pick-up after the posted end time will incur a $15 fee for 1-15 minutes late with $1 extra per minute for anything after 15 minutes.

Yes. You have until the night before the scheduled visit to cancel without a fee. The day of will incur a two hour minimum charge ($14) per visit for each student.

If your student is scheduled for pick-up at school or drop-off at The TEK Center and doesn’t show up, there will be a two hour minimum charge ($14) per student charged to your account.

Yes. You’re student is welcome to join TEK Aftercare before or after class. 


Students riding our shuttle from school will automatically join Aftercare at the time of pick-up. We allow a 10 minute grace period for drop-offs before class and pick-ups after class. Any drop-offs before the grace period will automatically enroll your student into Aftercare until class begins. Any pick-ups after the grace period will automatically enroll your student into Aftercare at the time class ended.

Yes. Introduce a new parent to The TEK Center and any amount they spend within their first pay period (about 2 weeks) will lower your YOUR payment by that much! (no lower than $0)


Here’s how it works:

When a new parent creates an account they have the option to enter an email address of the parent who referred them. This email must be the same email the referring parent uses for their account. When the new parent’s first pay period is complete, we will deduct whatever they spent from how much the referring parent owe’s for that pay period!


Example 1:

New Parent’s bill is $45

Referring Parent’s bill is $50 ( – $45) = $5


Example 2:

New Parent’s bill is $70

Referring Parent’s bill is $50 ( – $70) = $0


Still Curious?

Have more questions, concerns or comments? We would love to hear from you!

  • Give us a call at: 971-319-2814
  • Email us at:
  • Stop by and talk with us: 5950 Willow Ln, Lake Oswego