The TEK Center

TEK After School Learning

The After-school experience for creators and explorers, customized for students and parents needs!

TEK Aftercare

TEK Aftercare is the place to play, relax, create, and socialize in a kind, creative, learning environment.

  • $6.50/hr
  • Pick-up available from some schools.
  • Minimum of 2 hours.
  • End of school until 6:00PM

TEK Scouts

TEK Scouts(2nd – 6th Grade) is a self-paced, badge-earning learning system that leads students to create custom projects they take pride in.

  • $15/hr
  • Pick-up available from some schools.
  • Time: End of school until 6PM
  • When students focus decreases they will be moved to TEK Aftercare.


TEK Jr(K-1st) is a classroom learning experience providing hands-on projects that build a path into higher STEM learning and confidence toward new experiences.

  • $15/hr
  • Pick-up available from some schools.
  • Time: 3:15 – 4:15 (1 Hour)

The TEK Center Goals

We hope to see students exploring healthy ideas, games, knowledge, social behavior, experiences and themselves. Your kids should be telling you about new things they learned or discovered.

We hope to see students creating games, inventions, friendship, art, finished homework assignments, costumes, etc… Your kids should be showing and telling you about the new projects and creations they have made.

We hope to see students becoming more focused, self-motivated, excited, kind, confident and aware. Your kids should feel safe, heard, understood and be able to identify areas they are growing in and attempting to grow in!

Which Program do I Choose?

Looking for dedicated learning only? (We say dedicated because learning happens everywhere at TEK!)

(K-1st) drop your student off at the TEK Center from 3:15 to 4:15PM, or they can ride the bus and spend a little while in TEK Aftercare and then join TEK Jr. (Mon – Computer/Logic, Tue/Thur – Science, Wed – Electricity, Fri – Mechanical/Building) 

(2nd – 5th) TEK Scouts is for students who love to learn new things and be creative. TEK Scouts do so many amazing things that most people think are reserved for high school or even college students. If you want your student to be ahead in thinking, problem solving, and technology skills then TEK Scouts is for you!

Looking for Aftercare? (We like to think it's more than an just an extended care time but we'll let you decide)

TEK Aftercare is a place where your kid will be heard, taught new things, given freedom to create, run, play games, get their homework done and more! Right now we have pick-up from River Grove, Westridge, Lake Grove and Durham Elementary. If you are only a part of TEK Aftercare a 2 hour minimum is charged each visit. 

How Does Payment Work?

Kids are clocked in to the TEK Aftercare as soon as they are in our care and when they leave. When a kid takes part in a TEK Jr class, or TEK Scouts, the time is recorded.

Hourly Payment

Hourly payments are so easy at The TEK Center! We record your times, show it in your account and automatically deduct the amount from your account every 2 weeks! In addition we provide free busing and only have a 2 hour minimum stay!

Monthly Package

A monthly pack is an excellent deal if you plan on coming often! We have two awesome plans:

  • Unlimited Aftercare Package($220), which gives you unlimited aftercare and decreases TEK Scouts to $8.50/hr
  • Unlimited Everything Package($360) which gives you as much Aftercare and TEK Scout hours as your student can use.

Try our calculator below to decide what is best for you.

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