Why join the TEK JR program?

TEK JR students gain experience in STEM knowledge, concepts and skills! They gain confidence through hands-on projects, activities, and play. We know that kids can learn so much more if they have the right environment, right teacher and exciting projects! This is why TEK JR after school program is for your child!

Monday Focus: Computers

Students learn how to use the mouse and keyboard, open applications, play logic board games, chess, and learn programming.

Tuesday & Thursday Focus: NGSS

The Next Generation Science Standards for kindergarten and first grade are taught in a hands-on way addressing all of the standards. Science is fun when you make it fun!

Wednesday Focus: Electricity

Generators, circuits, lights, switches are exciting for students! TEK JRs will use snap circuits and other circuit learning tools to get a grasp on how electricity works!

Friday Focus: Mechanics

Spatial thinking and the ability to assemble, construct and use imagination is essential! Students hypothesize and tests out their ideas by using marbles, pulleys, gears, motors and more!

Each day of the week there is a specific focus for the 45-60 minute structured lesson. After the lesson the teachers will engage with the students while they have free learn time. We believe when kids are allowed to explore, test,  and be creative they learn and grow naturally. With an engaging teacher these things become even more fun, challenging, exciting, and bigger!

Open Drop-Ins

Drop your student off any day there are spots available or register your student ahead of time so there will always be a spot for them. Check here to see if the program is full for the day.

Each day there will be a specific structured learning activity/lesson for the students to learn knowledge, concepts, or skills in STEM.

Caring Teachers

Students benefit greatly from having a teacher that loves kids and knows how to engage with them. TEK JR teachers will play with the students helping them be more creative, think through problems and challenges and have a great time!

Hands-on Learning

Student learn through doing and interacting with our world in a real way. We promote hands-on learning to get students developing skills, critical thinking, logic, and problem solving.

Ready to Get Started?

Check our monthly schedule or drop by the TEK Center (5950 Willow Lane, Lake Oswego, 97035).
Check in and pay on the spot without notice or click the links below to register and pay. 

Yes! Right now we only offer pick up from River Grove and Westridge Elementary school. More schools will be added for pickup soon.

Always plan on having your student learn for at least 30 minutes. Any less time and it wouldn’t be enough time to pick up where they left off and make any real progress before they cleanup and store their project.

TEK Jr is $15/hr.

Yes, We have scheduled breaks students can choose to take. We have space for them to eat snacks, play ping-pong, Foosball or just run around. They can also take a Minecraft break if computers allow and parents have given permission for them to play. They can also sit on the couch and read a book.