Saturday Classes: Weekend Learning & Fun!

November Saturday Classes

Mini 4WD Club

Join our Mini 4WD Club! Mini 4WD cars are fully customizable cars that run on a walled track. Nearly every part can be swapped out to improve acceleration, speed, or control. Its a really fun way to learn many engineering concepts and be creative! Parents are encouraged to participate with their kid!
All Adults must be accompanied by a Kid!

Meet Dates:
Oct 6th, 20th  – Nov 3rd, 17th – Dec 1st, 15th
12PM – 1PM (Kids with parents can hang out a bit longer)
(Check back as more dates might be added each month)

First Time Club Cost: $30/Person
(Includes you first car and that days meet)

Per Meet Fee: $7/Kid or $10/Parent + Kid

Club will have an open store to buy extra parts. As new elements are talked about in Club meets those parts then become available in the store. This prevents a student from buying all the parts right away and making a “super car” that then kills competition. 
Payments will be made at the TEK Center.

The goal of the club is to learn some engineering concepts, be creative/innovative, have fun, and provide a mild level of competition.

Come to a single date or all of them. Register on Facebook or give us a call/email.


Real Code - Not Scratch

We teach kids to program using real code and actually having them type. We believe using the Arduino is one of the best ways to learn coding as you get an actual physical result from your code!

Build & Keep Your Robot

We know that kids get invested in what they are doing and not being able to keep their robot is devastating. We have every kid build their own robot and actually keep it, giving them more opportunity to learn and play later!

Minecraft Challenge

If you are a complete beginner or maybe a seasoned veteran we’ll help you learn the basics or give you a challenge to hone your skills. It’s so much better playing and learning with others!

Awesome Facilities

Kids at The TEK Center get a break halfway through the 2 hour classes where they can play pin-pong, foosball, kick balls around or just hangout on the couches and chat. We’re sure you and you kid will love it here!