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TEK Scout Badge Information

1 – Basic Badges – Earn these First

Basic badges are designed to give you the basic essential skills you need to be successful doing projects and completing other badges at TEK Scouts. For some students these basic badges will only take an hour each, while other students may need 3+ hours if they have no prior experience. You must complete the Basic Badges before you can move onto Skill Building Badges. When you have completed all the Basic badges you officially become a TEK Scout!

Basic Computer Skills

Prove that you have the basic skills of using the mouse, keyboard, how to create files and folders, rename file and folders, maximize, minimize, restore, change windows.

Time Estimate: 2-3 Hours

Basic Science Knowledge

Learn how electricity is made,understand voltage, amperage, resistance, batteries, and more. Put together a generator and test the amount of voltage it is producing.

Time Estimate: 2-3 Hours

Basic Tool Skills

Practice how to safely use various tools including: Hot Glue Gun, Screwdriver, wire strippers, pliers, measuring tape, electric drill, wrench, and more.

Time Estimate: 1-2 Hours

2 – Skill Building Badges – Choose Categories to Specialize In

Skill Building Badges are a great way to get started learning the essential skills and knowledge that will allow you to make your own projects!

Many of these badges are requirements for Projects. Work hard and earn the specific badges you need in this area to begin working on your own project you can keep!


Circuits Level 1

Basic Circuit Components (LED, Resistor, Switches, Buzzers, Transistors, Potentiometers, RGB LEDs, Etc.)

Circuits Level 2

Advanced Circuit Components (CD40106, 555 Timer, Motor Driver, Amplifier, Arduino, IR Sensor, Ultra sonic Sensor, etc.)

Prerequisites: Circuits Level 1

Circuits Level 3

Wireless Communication (Infrared, Radio, Bluetooth, Wifi, etc.)

Prerequisites: Circuits Level 2, Arduino Level 1

Arduino Programming

Arduino Level 1

Arduino Programming (Controlling LEDs and LCD Screens in Booklet 1)

Prerequisites: Circuits Level 1

Arduino Level 2

Arduino Programming (Using sensors to interact with users and Making things move – motors and servos)

Prerequisites: Arduino Level 1


Mechanics Level 1

Chassis Building (Use erector style parts to create a robot chassis that moves. Wheeled, Tracks, and Walking/shifting?)

Mechanics Level 2

Gearing (Understand how gears work and learn how to put them together to achieve the result you want, cut out cardboard and make gears that will rotate with each other in specific ratios, how to make axles and bearings also use belts)

Prerequisites: Mechanics Level 1

Mechanics Level 3

Simple machines (Understand and memorize the simple machines and why they are essential, Build and use each one of them in a Rube Goldberg type of invention.)

Prerequisites: Mechanics Level 2

Mechanics Level 4

Advanced Machines (Understanding how different advanced mechanisms work to accomplish different jobs. Also using hydraulics to control things)

Prerequisites: Mechanics Level 3

Computer Hardware/Software

Computer Hardware Level 1

Learn how to setup Computers, Projectors, Speakers. Identify all the internal parts of a computer. Disassemble and reassemble a computer.

Networking Level 1

Learn how networks work and why we use them. Understand basic concepts with IP addresses and how they are used to identify computers. Make your own network cable, and how to setup a router and switch. 

Networking Level 2

Learn how to install a wireless network card (drivers), how to setup a wireless router and about network security.

Prerequisites: Networking Level 1

Computer Software Level 1

Learn how to enter the bios and what information and options are available. Install an OS by doing a clean install from a USB drive. Understand how to make sure the drivers are correct and how to find new drivers if needed.

Computer Software Level 2

Learn how to install applications, how to change settings to speed up the operating system, how to clean up and free up resources, how to scan the computer for errors and viruses or malware.

Office Production

Slide Show Level 1

Learn how to make your own slide show complete with animations, transitions, video and audio.

Word Processing Level 1

Learn how to use word processing applications. Understand how to change fonts, size, color, margins, etc. Also learn to add images, graphs, bullet points, and more.

Spreadsheet Level 1

Learn how to setup a simple spread sheet to do calculations and store data. Also learn some complex operations by linking data from different pages together.


HTML/CSS Level 1

Learn how to make webpages from scratch by using HTML and CSS.

WordPress Level 1

Learn how to install and customize a WordPress site.

WordPress Level 2

Learn how to create pages, insert images and videos, install plugins, and customize your webpage.

Prerequisites: WordPress Level 1

JavaScript Level 1

Learn the basics of JavaScript by adding some interactivity to your webpage.

JavaScript Level 2

Learn how to make a basic game and add it to your webpage.

Prerequisites: JavaScript Level 1


Image Manipulation Level 1

Learn how to change an existing image by understanding the basic concepts and tools available in The Gimp. Learn how to change brightness, contrast, how to add effects, layers, etc.

Illustration Level 1

Learn how to make simple pictures and graphics. How to organize, layout, transform images.

3D Modeling Level 1

Learn how to make 3D models to use in animation, for 3D printing, or just to mock up a project or design that interests you!

Prerequisites: Illustration Level 1


Sound Recording Level 1

Learn how to record audio with audio recorders in various settings. Understand the different audio file types, bitrate and more.

Sound Editing Level 1

Learn how to cleanup audio, change pitch and tone, fade in and out, etc. Also learn to work with multiple audio clips, mixing them together.

Sound Creation Level 1

Learn to make your own digital music with a music creation program. Make a song by inserting drum hits, guitar and piano chords and so much more!


Video Recording Level 1

Learn how to record video, set the settings and transfer it to a computer. Understand aspect ratio, video size, frame rate, and so much more!

Video Editing Level 1

Learn how to load a clip, trim it, change the video properties, fade in/out, speed it up, change the properties and video type and export it to have a complete video.

Video Editing Level 2

Learn how to use chroma-keyer, add effects, overlay images and text and many more options to enhance a video.

Prerequisites: Video Editing Level 1

Animation Level 1

Learn how to use an animation program to make a basic story. Understand character actions, movements, facial expressions, dialogue, and more

Prerequisites: Video Editing Level 1, Sound Editing Level 1, 3D Modeling Level 1

Maker Machines

3D Printer Level 1

Learn 3D printer safety, how a 3D printer physically works, how the software is used to control the printer and load in a 3D model and print it.

Prerequisites: 3D Modeling Level 1

Laser Engraver Level 1

Learn laser engraver safety, how the physical parts of the laser engraver works, learn how to use the software to create an image and how to control the settings of the engraver to get the results you are want.

Prerequisites: Illustration Level 1

vinyl Cutter Level 1

Learn how to make 3D models to use in animation, for 3D printing, or just to mock up a project or design that interests you!

Prerequisites: Illustration Level 1


Building Level 1

Learn how to use screws to fasten wood together, how to hammer nails, cut things with hand saws, how to check for 90 degree angles, how to make out dimensions and more.

Building Level 2

Learn how to make or use braces, understand how to strength connections and ensure stability, how to join pieces of wood together with clamps and wood glue.

Prerequisites: Building Level 1


Minecraft Level 1

Learn how to begin a survival Minecraft game and survive through the first night by acquiring the correct supplies. Then learn how to mine, farm, ranch, craft, and fight mobs off to survive.

Minecraft Level 2

Learn how to get diamond everything by mining deep enough. Learn to enchant tools and armor with bookshelves and enchanting table, Learn how to use red stone and mine carts to create automated systems.

Prerequisites: Minecraft Level 1

Minecraft Level 3

Learn how to get to the end and slay the ender dragon to win the game!

Prerequisites: Minecraft Level 2

3 – Projects – Meet the Prerequisites and Start Your Customized Project

You’ll need to check weather you have the badges needed to begin the project you want. Customize and design your project to obtain a level of uniqueness to make them your own.

You’ll need to complete individual projects in order to qualify for group projects and TEK teams. Prove that you can do it on your own and then work on teamwork skills to become a true master!

4 – Teams – Join Group Projects and Teams

In Tier 4 you will get the chance to join groups and teams to complete large projects or compete at a high level and win trophies!

To become the greatest TEK Master you should specialize in the area that interests you most and join up with teams and projects to create something truly great together!

Team projects will be focused around either a student interest or a community based project  that we see or hear from you that the students could solve, raise awareness, etc.



Participate in scheduled projects that will test and showcase your group’s abilities in electronics, robotics, and programming.


Participate with a group of students to take part in FIRST Robotics and other Organized competitions



Participate in scheduled group projects that range from best computer build to most websites created, etc.


Student TEK Team – Get customers to come to you for repair computers (hardware and software), build websites, work on networks, answer questions, help people build their own computers and more!

Digital Art


Participate in scheduled group projects that have to do with Digital Film, Art, and Sound.


Join up with others to create your own film, art, sound, animation teams to produce art for yourself or on request from others.



Participate in scheduled group projects that have to do with Making things.


Join a team of creative problem solvers that come up with ideas and test them out to solve some of the world’s problems.



Participate in tournaments and compete with other players


Form your own team and practice in competitions.