Join TEK Scouts – Our after school tech program for your 2nd-6th grade students! – Daily pick-up now available at River Grove, Westridge, Lake Grove and Durham!

Open Drop-Ins

Drop your student off any day there are spots available or register your student ahead of time so there will always be a spot for them. Check here to see if the program is full for the day.

Your student will setup their picture profile, choose the topic and specific badge they want to earn then grab a computer, kit, workbook guide and find their teacher to begin their adventure!

Move at Your Pace

Teachers motivate your student to learn at their best! Your student keeps learning at their own pace, moving as quickly or as steadily as best fits their own learning style.

How will TEK Scouts help my student?

Give your student a jump start by learning practical, real-life technology as well as logical processing, creative design, and problem solving skills through our badge system. No matter the profession your student wants to join, engineering or other, then this program will aid them in acquiring the skills and thinking they will need to be successful. It is becoming ever more crucial for this generation to have more skills and abilities to be successful in the future. So widen and challenge your student’s understanding of how our crazy electronic, computer driven world works and become the influencers of their generation.

Why send your student to TEK Scouts?

Research shows that hands-on, project based learning when students are interested promotes the best learning environment. Couple this with a low teacher to student ratio and curriculum designed for students to learn at their own pace and you have an amazing recipe for your student to reach their true potential.

Ready to Get Started?

Check our monthly schedule and drop by the TEK Center (5950 Willow Lane, Lake Oswego, 97035).
Check in and pay on the spot without notice or click the links below to register and pay. 


TEK Scouts is $15/hr.

Yes! Right now we only offer pick up from River Grove, Westridge, Lake Grove and Durham. Feel free to check in as things do change and we are always looking for new locations.

Always plan on having your student learn for at least 30 minutes. Any less time and it wouldn’t be enough time to pick up where they left off and make any real progress before they cleanup and store their project.

All kids get a digital badge that shows up on their profile. They will also get their own laser engraved badge.

No, all the required parts and supplies needed to learn and earn their badges are provided. When a student has achieved enough badges they can choose to work on their own custom projects that may require you to purchase additional parts from us or on your own.

Yes, we have space for them to eat snacks, play ping-pong or Foosball, or just run around. They can also take a Minecraft break if computers allow and you have given permission for them to play. They can also sit on the couch and read a book for a few minutes. If your student is prone to taking too many breaks, please communicate this with their teacher and we’ll make sure they keep challenged.