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TEK Tuesdays: Wobble Bot

How to build a wobbling robot using minimal parts!

Parts you’ll need:

• 1 Motor (available at The TEK Center)
• 1 Double AAA Battery Pack (available at The TEK Center)
• 2 AAA Batteries
• 5 Corks
• Hot glue gun & glue
• Coroplast or Cardboard
• Wire Strippers
• Scissors
• Googly Eyes (or marker)
• Decorative pieces

STEP 1: Cut off the tips of the battery pack wires using scissors or wire cutters.

STEP 2: Strip the plastic casing off the ends of both wires to 15mm.

STEP 3: Twist the exposed wires to create solid ends. (Do not twist red & black wires together)

STEP 4: Insert the exposed wire end through the motor pin and fold toward the encased wire.

STEP 5: Twist the motor 2-3 times until the wire is secured onto the pin.

STEP 6: Repeat the process, securing the opposite wire onto the opposite pin.

STEP 7: Cut the coroplast into the desired shape for the body of your Wobble Bot. (Making sure to leave room for all 4 legs.)

STEP 8: Glue four corks onto each corner of the body.

STEP 9: Flip the robot over and glue the battery pack lid onto the center of the top.

STEP 10: Push the remaining cork onto the motor axle slightly off-center to create the wobble.

STEP 11: Glue the motor onto the back end of the body. (Allowing space for the cork to spin freely.)

STEP 12: Glue the eyes and nose onto the front of the body.

STEP 13: Add any additional decorative elements.

STEP 14: After making sure the battery pack is OFF, insert the batteries.

STEP 15: Secure the battery pack onto the lid and test out your Wobble Bot!

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